The Mavericks at the Carolina Theater

January 13, 2017

The Mavericks brought their traveling rock and roll party to Durham, North Carolina to celebrate a Friday night at the beautiful, 90-year-old Carolina Theater. If there is a band that has more fun on stage than The Mavericks, I have yet to see them. The good time is infectious – Raul Malo’s huge smile, the horns, the swing and swagger, the accordion…Jerry Dale McFadden’s suits – if you can’t have a good time at a Mavericks show, I don’t know what to say.

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The Mavericks bringing live music to the stage and new album

January 13, 2017

The Mavericks’ decision to make a live album the band’s first release on their own record label, Mono Mundo Recordings, was an easy choice.

“To get this endeavor started right we felt we should celebrate the live show because it’s such an important part of the Mavericks,” guitarist Eddie Perez said by phone. “The energy that we get to experience onstage from the music and the bounce-back from the fans is very emotional, a spiritual happening and a special moment for us. We also wanted do something for the fans who allow us to do this and have been asking for a live record for quite some time.”

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Twangville Readers’ Pick

January 13, 2017

THE MAVERICKS, All Night Live, Vol. 1 beats out BLACKBERRY SMOKE, Like An Arrow as your favorite for the week of October 14, 2016.

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Blurt reviews All Night Long

January 13, 2017

Yes, every band likes to think they are unique; a singular snowflake like no other. But to be honest, for a majority of groups out there, you can usually peg the handful of CDs (or tapes, depending on the decade) that they’ve been playing in their van ad nauseam in the months leading up to hitting the recording studio. The Mavericks, however, were never that band. The Miami group is a Frankenstein of traditional country, classic rockabilly, straight ahead rock, western swing and Tex Mex cow punk – you can hear everyone from Patsy Cline and Carl Perkins to Elvis and X on just about any record they’ve put out over the decades. And they’ve put out plenty since their 1991 debut. But no matter how good they sound in your car or around the house, they are primarily a band built for playing live and proof of that is all over the 16-track All Night Live.

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All Night Long Among Observer’s Top 10

December 16, 2016

For as great as the studio output of country rock greats The Mavericks has been these last 25 years, I’ve always been told that no single album of theirs compares to the energy of this Miami-born, Nashville-bred group’s concert performance. So it is only appropriate for the band to launch their own label, Mono Mundo Recordings, with a scorching live album cut from the group’s tour of 2015.

While much of the material here comes from the group’s most recent pair of LPs following their celebrated reunion, the group also delivers a few surprises as well, namely a gorgeous reading of Neil Young’s “Harvest Moon” that showcases the vocals of frontman Raul Malo. If you’ve never listened to the Mavericks before, All Night Live Volume 1 is exactly where you should start.

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The Mavericks come alive in Outlaw Country

October 26, 2016

One of the best live bands on the planet, the Mavericks have rolled out their new Mono Mundo label with All Night Live Volume 1, a collection of performances from their Mono world tour that harkens back to some of the great live albums of all time.

To celebrate the dual album and label launch, the four members of the Mavericks – singer/guitarist Raul Malo, lead guitarist/singer Eddie Perez, keyboardist/singer/dancing machine Jerry Dale McFadden and drummer Paul Deakin – host an exclusive one-hour special for SiriusXM Outlaw Country (Ch.60) featuring tracks from All Night Live, along with some of their favorite hand-picked live recordings by Elvis Presley, the Beatles, the Band and more.

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Mavericks celebrate new record at secret show

October 19, 2016

Perhaps the only thing that can outshine the Mavericks’ flashy stage wear is their music.

Tuesday night at the Basement East, their set list and sartorial choices were both sharp. The Americana band staged a secret show to celebrate the launch of their own record label, Mondo Mundo Recordings, and their new album, “All Night Live, Vol. 1.”

“I’ve been a record executive for one day, and I’ve got to tell you, the power is intoxicating,” said frontman Raul Malo, who promised “so many freakin’ volumes” to come in the “All Night Live” series.

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Mavericks enjoy new life, new label, new album, new Rocksino date

October 01, 2016

CLEVELAND, Ohio – Up for a challenge? Try listening to a Mavericks song and NOT being happier.

“The band brings a lot of joy to a lot of people,” said lead guitarist Eddie Perez in a cellphone call from the band’s three-day stop in Tarrytown, New York. “The demographic who comes to see us is parents and their 10-year-old kids, and daughters and sons bringing their 85-year-old mothers and dancing in the aisles with them.”

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Headin’ West!

May 18, 2016

The Mono Mundo Tour is HEADIN’ WEST this September! Tickets go on sale 5/20, and all the info you need can be found at Hope to see you there!

Outlaw Country Cruise 2017

May 12, 2016


TOO much fun and TOO many friends not to do it again!

The Outlaw Country Cruise is calling, so we’re headed back on the high seas February 26-March 2! Make sure to visit for the full schedule and details on the 2017 voyage.