All Night Long Among Observer’s Top 10

December 16, 2016

For as great as the studio output of country rock greats The Mavericks has been these last 25 years, I’ve always been told that no single album of theirs compares to the energy of this Miami-born, Nashville-bred group’s concert performance. So it is only appropriate for the band to launch their own label, Mono Mundo Recordings, with a scorching live album cut from the group’s tour of 2015.

While much of the material here comes from the group’s most recent pair of LPs following their celebrated reunion, the group also delivers a few surprises as well, namely a gorgeous reading of Neil Young’s “Harvest Moon” that showcases the vocals of frontman Raul Malo. If you’ve never listened to the Mavericks before, All Night Live Volume 1 is exactly where you should start.

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