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THE MAVERICKS Release “Poder Vivir” (‘To Live’), The Initial Single And Performance Video From “En Español”

June 12. 2020 

The Full Track Listing For “En Español” Is Also Revealed With Today’s Start Of Pre-Save / Pre-Order Availability - Unveiling An Exciting Mix Of New Mavericks Originals In Spanish and Classic Songs Of The Latin-American Songbook Enlivened With Arrangements In The Band’s Distinctive Style. 

“...known for crisscrossing musical boundaries with abandon... The Maverick’s “En Español” collection represents a diversity of styles and cultural traditions, from tender boleros to brassy mariachi to reimagined Afro-Cuban classics. Seven of the tunes are familiar gems drawn from the vast Latin American songbook, while five are originals written or co-written by Raul Malo. ... The songs are as diverse as Latin America itself, and as cohesive as the ideal of the American melting pot. To season this rich musical paella, The Mavericks add their signature country/rock/Tex-Mex flavors and a refreshing spontaneity to the mix.”

– Agustin Gurza 


(Brief excerpt from The Mavericks –‘En Español” album bio) 

WATCH THIS AFTERNOON As The Mavericks Give The Live Performance Premiere of More Songs From

En Español” - As They Headline Today’s Digital Music Lineup Of The Latin Alternative Music Conference 

- - - - - - - - 

(Nashville, TN – June 12. 2020) – Today sees the GRAMMY, CMA & ACM winning band THE MAVERICKS release “Poder Vivir” as the first single and performance music video from their upcoming first all-Spanish language album “En Español”. With the pre-save / pre-order period for the album also beginning today, the full track listing (below) now reveals a truly unique collection befitting the band’s critically praised notoriety for energetic eclecticism. Born from the Latin heritage influences of band members Raul Malo and Eddie Perez, their early founding roots in Miami, and long embrace of injecting Tejano (Tex-Mex) rhythms into country and rock & roll, a close examination shows a mix of Maverick originals written in Spanish and classic songs of the Latin-American songbook enlivened with their distinctive style. “This is the record I’ve been wanting the Mavericks to make for a very long time. I’m a first generation 

Cuban-American, and some of these songs are songs my family would play and sing on weekends at family 

parties and get-togethers. But it’s not all nostalgia either. There are plenty of new original songs that put this record squarely in the moment for us.”

 - Raul Malo of The Mavericks 


From the album’s background bio, we learn that first single and new original song “Poder Vivir”

“ first blush appears to be a simple song about lost love [but] the two-word title suggests much more. “I had this phrase and melody that just kept playing in my head,” says Malo. “I wasn’t quite sure what it meant exactly, or what I was going to say, but somehow it felt right to start the song with those words.... After many conversations and late nights out on the road, the song kind of wrote itself. We wanted it to be conversational and simple in the end, and that’s what we got.” 

... That, and a killer final verse that makes the song what Malo intended it to be: “a bit philosophical and wise”


“...A veces la vida nos hace pensar - Que el mundo no cambia sino para mal Son solo momentos, también pasarán - En fin, ni la muerte nos marca un final” 

(“Sometimes life makes us think - That the world only changes for the worse These are just moments, they will also pass - Anyway, not even death marks the end”)


- - - - - - 


The Mavericks “En Español” – Track Listing 


01. La Sitiera / “The Sitiera” – Writer: Rafael López González

02. Recuerdos / “Memories” – Writers: Raul Malo, Alejandro Menéndez Vega

03. No Vale la Pena / “It’s Not Really Worth It” – Writer: Alberto Aguilera Valadez

04. Poder Vivir / “To Live” – Writers: Raul Malo, Alejandro Menéndez Vega

05. Sombras Nada Más / “Shadows and Nothing More” –Writers: José María Contursí, Francisco J. Lomuto

06. Mujer / “Woman” - Writer: Raul Malo

07. Me Olvidé de Vivir / “I Forgot to Live” – Writers: Pierre Abel Billon, Julio Iglesias, Jacques Able Jules Revaud

08. Pensando en Ti / “Thinking of You” – Writers: Raul Malo, Cynthia Susana Medina

09. Sabor a Mí / “Taste of Me” – Writers: Alvaro Carrillo Alarcón

10. Suspiro Azul / “Blue Sigh” – Writers: Raul Malo, Alejandro Menéndez Vega, Lisset Diaz Guevara, Miguel 


11. Cuando me Enamoro / “When I Fall In Love” – Writers: Mario Panzeri, Daniele Pace, Roberto Livraghi

12. Me Voy a Pinar del Río / “I’m Going to Pinar del Rio” – Writers: Néstor Manuel Pinelo Cruz 


- - - - - 


“The Mavericks are capable of doing everything from rock & roll to Tex-Mex to jazz and soul... a breathtaking collective that can do anything – everything, really – better than the rest. ...The Latin-fused big band sound of the ... wildly eclectic group an earthy but globetrotting place where Tex-Mex, Western swing and Miami music all intersect...Just try not to get up and dance.”

- Rolling Stone 

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